Bryant/Johnsen Media Design

Bruce Bryant
   I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in history, an interest that has taken me to many parts of the world.

   After working in instructional media and teaching television production at UC Irvine for several years, I shifted into writing, producing and directing for a variety of syndicated documentaries and educational films, and later served as co-director of special effects for 10 syndicated science fiction movies for television.

   I co-designed, produced and directed opening title sequences for some of the best-known network television series and specials (The X-Files, Becker, Frasier, As The World Turns, Cheers and many more). My work has been honored with 4 national Emmy awards.

   Reading is a passion and I especially enjoy Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore and assorted

   My partner in work, marriage and animal rescue is Carol Johnsen. We have been together “since time began” and moved to Vancouver, WA a few years ago.

Carol Johnsen
   After graduating from the University of Minnesota with an English degree I worked at the University of Minnesota News Service. There I wrote, produced and directed “I Don’t Think I Will Sing Any More Just Now”, a documentary about the late poet, John Berryman, which aired on PBS.

   Work as a project coordinator at several Minneapolis commercial film production companies followed before I moved to Los Angeles. There I was a researcher and associate producer on several syndicated documentaries and later co-wrote Lifepod, a science fiction film that aired in syndication.

   I co-designed and co-produced hundreds of opening title sequences for well known network television series and earned national Emmy awards for three of them – The X-Files, Caroline In The City and As The World Turns.

With my husband/partner, Bruce Bryant, I co-founded, an online gift gallery showcasing the work of over 70 artists, which was a unique resource for both customers and artists for over a decade.

   My other interests include reading (especially mysteries), British TV series and films via Netflix, and The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. And during NBA season  . . . I’m gone--Trailblazers, Lakers, Clippers-- way too much of a good thing!